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They also are the main consumers of your content and use search engine to find your work. If you prioritize specific options in order to secure a better position among organic search engine results, you may not ensure the desired results. Or professional seo services india optimization for search engines actually promotes the appearance of your website among the search results. To facilitate a better understanding of professional seo service instructions, we have created a virtual website that will serve as an example. Guests can choose this page if difficulty in finding pages on your site.

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In each issue we have included several information on this site to cover all relevant parameters. Listed below are the key elements of the site that will serve as an example:website business name: "the soap grandma"domain: tosapounitisgiagias. grsearch object: exclusive price lists, articles and news size: small, pages online sales of handmade soap, start guide for optimizing the google search engine, version., november,, latest version from the google webmaster central your own site can be less or more and include a completely different content, but the optimization topics listed below apply for all sizes and types of sites. The aim of the guidelines is to provide new ideas for improving your website and will glad you tell us any questions, comments, and to tell your success story in the google webmaster help forum.

Create unique, clear page titles the title tag indicates to users and search engines the subject of this page. Easy site navigation allows visitors to quickly find content that are looking for. It also facilitates the search engines identify the content of the where the responsible site considers important. Although the results search the google provided at the page level, google wants to know the position of page in a layout of the site. All sites have a home or main page, usually older notes traffic levels and is the starting point of the tour for more info visitors. 

If the your site consists of quite a large number of pages, you should think how where your visitors will go from a general page your homepage pages containing more specific content. you have several pages related to a particular issue and therefore it is useful to create a page that describes the other related pages ie main page -> list of related pages -> specific topic? You have hundreds of different products to be classified into different pages categories seo package prices india and subcategories? The directory structure for our small website for handmade soap a site map lower case is a simple page in which the structure is shown site and usually consists of a list indicating the hierarchical pages your site. 

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While this page easier for search engines to crawl all the pages on your site, however mainly addressed to your site visitors. Creating a sitemap file in xml format with capital letters, which you can submit using the tools for webmasters google, facilitates identify pages in your site by google. Using a sitemap file start guide for optimizing the google search engine, version., november,, latest version from the google webmaster central ensure but this is not always possible to update google on basic url you prefer eg http: tosapounitisgiagias. gr.

For more information, see the section on the preferred domain. With sitemap generator google's open-source tool you can easily create a map file for your site. More information on sitemaps can be found in the help center for webmasters, which it includes a useful guide for creating sitemap files. Correct practices for site navigationuse a logical tree structure- try to ease as possible for users to go from general to specific your site content.